Who Is Rayce Rollins?

And Why You Should Care

Who Is Rayce Rollins?

Business Owner | Grow Small Analytics 

At Grow Small Analytics, we believe that business is like a chess game. You have to make strategic moves to win the game! We can help you understanding your data [financial and consumer web] so that you can make better business decisions. We offer accounting and data analytics services to professional service companies.

On Full-Time w/ Rayce Rollins we’ll cover the following topics to help you grow your business:

  • How to be More Productive at Work
  • Time Management Skills
  • How to use Data [Accounting and Google Analytics] to make Money

Faculty Professor | Temple University 

It’s an honor and a privilege to teach at my Alma mater, Temple University. I teach in the School of Media and Communication, in the Department of Advertising. I specialize in the Digital Analytics. I love all things Google Analytics, Data Visualizations, Reporting, and Data Driven.

On Full-Time w/ Rayce Rollins we’ll cover the following topics to help you learn and grow:

  • How to get more stuff done
  • College Life from a Professor’s Perspective
  • The Importance of Learning new stuff

Family Man | Married w/ Kids

I love my wife Hanna so much. Proverbs 19.14 says “House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD.” She is my friend, better half, and my soul mate.

On Full-Time w/ Rayce Rollins we’ll cover the following topics to help your family:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Life and the Bible
  • Family Finances

Author and Speaker | Hire Me to Speak

My first book, Good Businesses Grow Small teaches you how to use financial and consumer data to win in business. As an accounting firm, we get a behind the scenes look at how several businesses operate. This access allows us to obverse how the top performing companies use data to make better business decisions. In Good Businesses Grow Small, we share what we’ve learned about data-driven decision making from the field, with real case studies, examples, and results.

This year, I want to do more public speaking events. My favorite thing in the world to do is teach and help people develop. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do that every day at Temple University. Now, I want to take the show on the road and share what I’ve learned about business, time management, and work-life balance with even more people.

I hope you enjoy!


Rayce Rollins