How To Combine Cells in Microsoft Excel

...and keep your .csv files clean

How to combine (or split) cells in Excel [Watch]

First and foremost…

Why is this function so important? If you’re a business professional using Microsoft Excel, there’s a good chance you’ve had to export to .csv to create business reports. The problem (huge headache) is that .csv exports rarely download neatly -with all of the columns and data perfectly aligned the way we want it. And dirty data can lead to misread data and misread data can result in costly mistakes and maybe a lost job/client. Not to sound all “gloom and doom” but this is the reality that we live in–where we expect each other to be as close to perfect as possible.

No worries. That’s where the Text To Column and Concatenate functions come into play. Text To Column refers to the process of taking the content from one cell and spreading it amongst multiple columns. Concatenate refers to the process of combining multiple lines of text into one line  of text.

In the video above, we review exactly how to use these tools to combine and split cells and end with clean data.

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