How to Convert a Date Into a Day of The Week Using Excel

How to convert date to day of the week, month, or year in Excel [Watch]

In this video, we learned how to convert a date to a day of the week, month, and year in Excel. This function allows users to pull day of the week into the pivot table row block in order to see sales trends over a seven-day time span.

Why is this absolutely CRITICAL to your business?

Let’s say you own a restaurant. In this format, you can see if there are spikes and/or dips during certain days. If you now see that you have an unusual dip on Wednesdays, you can start to investigate why that is and what to do about it (maybe a hump day promotion). In business, ignorance is NOT bliss. Not knowing is the quickest route to bankruptcy. But if you do know, you can now protect your business by being proactive.

Line Chart

In order for a business to thrive in the modern economy, it has to use some sort of data to evaluate performance, strategize, and improve outcomes. Tracking data [accurately] is a core competency in 2017. We are of the opinion that businesses need to track data at the industry, financial, digital marketing, and customer levels just to survive.

Now, raw data in its current state communicates very little. There is nothing to glean from raw data. That’s why businesses have to use applications like Excel and Tableau to build a visualization that communicates something of value to the¬†team.

Remember, ignorance is not bliss in business. It pays to know, and your data has a lot of information. Extract it!