How to Combine Data From Multiple Spreadsheets

Using VLookUp in Microsoft Excel

How to Combine Data from Separate Spreadsheets with vLookup [Watch]

First and foremost…

Why is this function so important?

Let’s say that we want to use Excel to determine whether or not our website engagement is translating to real sales but we only have spreadsheets that shows us either website engagement (users, sessions, page views) or sales data (product id’s, price, cost, units sold). By learning vLookup, you can combine data sets to analyze correlations and increase sales.

This is one of my all time favorite functions in Excel. At Grow Small Analytics, we literally use vLookup everyday. We typically use it to combine traditional accounting data, like sales and expenses, with Web 2.0 metrics like users, page views and bounce rate. In order for vLookup to work, your spreadsheets need a join —a column which both spreadsheets share. The join could be a date, customer ID, name etc.

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Rayce Rollins