"Rayce Rollins is the best of both worlds. He is a university professor who has the gift to teach complex concepts, and he owns a business that does financial and consumer web analytics for mid-sized corporations.  He has one foot in academia and the other one is in the marketplace." ~ Bobby Abraham, CEO of Keen360 Inc. 

Prof. Rollins has a very strong presence in the "classroom." He demonstrates the ability of a good teacher who is committed both to the subject matter and to the audience he is addressing. He's lucid, shrewd, informed, funny and relaxed. I am struck by his willingness to listen to a question, open it up to get to the point, and then provide a genuine answer that is rooted in data yet digestible and actionable.

Dr. Neil Kleinman 
Director, The Corzo Center

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Rayce Rollins is a Professor at Temple University and the Founder of Grow  Small Analytics. Rayce helps students and clients analyze financial and consumer web data so that they can make better decisions and improve business outcomes.  Rayce is a dynamic and gifted communicator who has a wealth of practical experience and wisdom.